Why to Join Indian Armed Froces

As a Defence Person, you will, be heir to a glorious heritage, to timeless traditions. Blended perfectly with the latest in hi-technology, training techniques and strategic doctrines.

You will be part of one of the world’s finest armed forces. Trained not just to be an officer but a soldier’s soldier.

This is one place where professional growth takes place at every step. Nowhere else will you get such phenomenal opportunities to constantly up grade your skills.

The armed forces are running prestigious academies and institutions. From engineering colleges to Medical College and from administration to strategy from armament technology to management. You name it you will have it.

The career in the armed forces provides good status, good pay and parks. It provides job security and is challenging, adventurous and disciplined life. In addition it provide fair equal promotional opportunities. Persons with right aptitude can rise up to top. It teaches you professionalism and helps in nation building. One can serve in the country as well as abroad. Men with consistency, right approach, right direction, proper motivation, positive attitude, patience will contribute to their success.

Apart from above attractions and great life style you have finest clubs, hospitals, golf courses, schools, colleges, polo facilities, mountaineering, river rafting, gliding, tracking, skydiving, para – sailing, shooting, riding, swimming, skiing, and many more adventurous activities are offered with a healthy life and healthy environment.

You and your family and children will get an opportunity to travel across the country and possibility even abroad. Meet and interact with the highest minds from different field.

Can one really plan and prepare for one’s career? Obviously the answer is yes. One should prepare a career plan and become successful. Those who plan have better chances of success.

A job is not a career and this distinction must be kept in mind. Your job is not an end in itself. It is a means to an end, which is your career. Your career belongs to you. Your job belongs to your employer. Career is an integrated life long plan of earning and a job one may hold at a particular time.

Scientific approach is essential in career planning check your aptitude for army, navy and  air force. Then check what have I done for my career search ? Then identify and analyses your needs. What are the possible opportunities in life available to  and how can I cash them. What are the possible  alternatives available during my career plan ?

The most important and difficult factor before choosing a career is to find out the strength and weakness of oneself. Here one has to understand and analyize both the strength and weaknesses in one’s personality traits and environment. Self-assessment regularly motivates a  person to acquire some essential needed in job skills. This may be, adequate communication skill, stress, management techniques general ability of forecasting the work climate of future, meeting the intellectual level, aptitude and attitude requirement, must apt for an organization and profession which matches his strength. This is where one’s skill is tested.

Remember once you set your career, you set a time frame to achieve it. This would help in identifying you role and help you to decide short term and long-term goals and your commitments constantly to review them. This will also act as a reminder to you as to what you have accomplished and how you are progressing. This amounts to progress monitoring of life goals with the action plan.

The success in career will depend upon self-development and self-motivation. Develop basically skill in job, ability to get along with people, urge for self development, quest for excellence, sensible contingency plans, analytical ability, organizing ability capacity for hard and sustained work, leadership qualities, depth of knowledge, vision, imagination, proper decision making curiosity, intelligent, interest  in  happening around, candid, mentally flexible and positive nature.

The  earlier you set your clock on career planning the better you would grow. Leading unplanned career is like a game of football without goal, neither interesting to players nor to the viewers. Your chances of success in planned career are far greater than in an unplanned career.